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What a success at Kid's Day!!

June 11, 2017

The day itself went awesome! At times our booth was so overrun that we had to send kids and families down to the AADGC booth. We were definitely short handed, but JesseKasey, and Cooper pulled off the most AMAZING job with these kids I have ever seen! Jesse and Kasey in particular! We underestimated exactly how busy we would be!

These kids won a few hundred bucks worth of donated prizes and more than a few of them came back multiple times! I had a few parents compliment us on the work Kasey and Jesse were doing with their kids.

For al of us here at the GFVDGC, this is what it's all about! Thanks so much to the staff at Plamann Park for making this happen! Also, HUGE thanks to Scott for the big box of minis. Pretty sure we would have been short without that. Be sure to thank Play It Again Sports the next time you stroll through there and Brad Zuraski when you see him for the additional donations!

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