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Putt League and Expansion

December 21, 2016

Putt League this year will be indefinitely put on hold. As we did find a venue, we became aware of another league that had sprung up. We are non competitive in nature and they had chose to run the same day and times as our schedule. As a result we have decided to postpone league until next season. Unless of course another option presents itself. We will keep you posted.

In other fantastic news, we have been working with a fine group of fellow Disc Golfers from Green Bay. Some of which have been helping out in major ways with many GFVDGC projects and functions. They have chosen to open up The Greater Fox Valley Disc Golf Club - Green Bay! We openly welcome them to the Greater Fox Valley Disc Golf Association, llc. Their focus will be the same as the GFVDGC. So you can expect to see the same great work within the Disc Golf community as well as the surrounding community.

Congratulations guys, and welcome!


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