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Blog posts April 2016

Building a home

April 29, 2016

The GFVDGC has adopted the Freitag disc golf course as it's own to call home. We are very happy to begin a working and long lasting relationship with Forest Junction. We understand and have listened to the disc golf community and family's concerning this course and have made many field trips and wal…

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Moms and Dads

April 25, 2016

A few of our Ladies coordinators (and full time Moms) have gotten together to form a once a week Disc Golf group for those of us Moms who have a hard time getting out to play.  For more details, visit the GFVDGC Ladies Rec page on Facebook. Dates and course are TBD, but we can tell you that thi…

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Successful Fundraising!

April 21, 2016

Thank you to our very awesome guys Nick Derr and Ajay Gauger for getting our first GFVDGC tournament together, run and successfull! Thank you so much to Ajay and Sam Bennett from the Boys & Girl's Club of Oshkosh for coming out, and Rollin Ridge for being wonderful hosts!

On behalf of all of us h…

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Update on the City of Appleton Meetings

April 14, 2016

As we have mentioned in one of our very first news posts, we had met with the Parks and Rec Director of Appleton. We did so again today. This meeting was far more in depth about the redesign of Pierce Park and some safety concerns at Telulah. We cannot tell you all of the secrets, but know that ther…

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Boys & Girls Club Fundraising!

April 11, 2016

I want to thank EVERYONE who participated yesterday in the Boys & Girls Club Spring Doubles Fundraiser! I will be the first to say that I am exhausted, a little beat up, and woke up this morning feeling like each and every one of you took turns mowing me down with your Ridge Carts. But hey, well wor…

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