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The Greater Fox Valley Disc Golf Club and chapters there of operate under the direction of the Greater Fox Valley Disc Golf Association llc.

Updated 12/19/2016

The name of this organization is the “Greater Fox Valley Disc Golf Association,” hereafter referred to as the GFVDGA, also to include the subgroups Greater Fox Valley Disc Golf Club (GFVDGC) and Greater Fox Valley Disc Golf Club - Green Bay (GRVDGC - GB)


The mission of the GFVDGC is to:
The Greater Fox Valley Disc Golf Association, llc is a culmination of many ideas, with a sole purpose of growing the sport of Disc Golf and community. There are many of us out there who share a very similar and very positive vision for growth and community. With this, we plan on bringing many new things to the community as well as all of the wonderful aspects we've all come to know and love. From winter activities, family adventures, and much much more! We invite everyone from Green Bay to Fond du Lac to Throw and Grow With Us!
The GFVDGA,llc continues and strives to grow the sport at it's roots by supporting youth programs and community parks as well as local organizations that do the same, we feel that this is what continues to draw new players in and keep the sport thriving!

⦁      The GFVDGA - llc and GFVDGC are a not for profit organization. What this means is that everything we do is solely for the benefit of our community. Weather it be Disc Golf specific or using Disc Golf to improve our community in a different way. Any monies we acquire, we do not retain. However, all monies must first be processed through our banking. We do pay taxes, and our disbursement must be doccumented.
⦁        Be responsible for all course-related matters, such as future planning, course improvement, course design, basket placement, local tournaments, liaison local Parks and recration departments.
⦁        Serve as a working partner with the Town or cities on all disc golf course-related issues and activities
⦁        Promote the development of disc golf and other disc activities through organization, cooperation, and friendly competition
⦁        Organize and coordinate the efforts of member volunteers to increase the quality and quantity of disc activities in the Greater Fox Valley
⦁        Provide information on disc golf and other disc related activities
⦁        Educate its members and the community on the benefits and joy of “disc play”
⦁        Emphasize safety by encouraging all players to ensure, as best possible, that other Park users are clear of potential disc flight paths before throwing


⦁    Active membership in the GFVDC is contingent upon payment of a membership fee. Annual membership dues are an amount set by the board and memberships coincide with the calendar year.
⦁    The privileges of membership include:
⦁        The right to vote in FVDGC elections
⦁        The right to be a member of a committee or to hold office in the GFVDGC
⦁        The right to vote on amendments to these by-laws
⦁        The responsibility of assisting with GFVDGC functions where applicable and able
⦁    Non-members and non-active members shall have none of the privileges of Members.
⦁    Membership may be revoked or suspended by a majority of the Board of Directors for conduct that reflects negatively on the GFVDGC or the Board Members.

Board of Directors

⦁    The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the GFVDGC and will hereafter be referred to as “the B.O.D." Any decision that has significant impact on the GFVDGC shall be by majority vote of the entire Board. Examples include, but are not limited to course design and layout, signage, decisions to hold local tournaments, major expenditures, changes to bylaws, and any disciplinary-related actions.
⦁    All Board positions shall be one-year terms coinciding with the calendar year. Nominations for the next year shall take place during the month of November and the election held during the month of December.
⦁    Board members are elected via in person meeting. Nominations will be not be posted on the GFVDGC website and/or disseminated via Facebook at the end of December. In person meeting voting will commence the Sunday prior to Christmas in December. Members can nominate themselves or other willing active members for an office. A member may suggest another member for a nomination, but it must be accepted by that member to be considered valid.
Board Officer positions include:

    Vice President
    Secretary/Public Relations Director
    Tournament/League Director

⦁    Each Board position shall be elected independently.
⦁    Ties will be decided by a run off election vote to be done immediately. If the office again remains a tie, it will be decided by the highest ranking officer, not involved with the tie. The officers are ranked in the order shown above.
⦁    Any officer who resigns will have a replacement appointed by the Board for the remainder of the term.
⦁    Any officer may be removed by a majority vote of all members sitting on the Board if he/she violates these bylaws or conducts themselves in a manner that is detrimental to positive growth of the GFVDGC , in the judgment of the Board, the best interests of the GFVDGC would be served thereby.
⦁    Additional Board positions may be added as necessary, but shall require an amendment to these bylaws as described herein.
⦁    Board members shall serve the GFVDGC  on a strictly voluntary basis with no monetary or material compensation. Reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of the GFVDGC  by Board members will be paid by  GFVDGC funds if and when they are available.
⦁    No officer shall be personally liable for any debts or liabilities of the Club in general, unless said Board Member’s acts or omissions, causing such debts or liabilities, involve willful or wanton misconduct. No officer shall gain any personal profit from the actions of the Club.
Duties of the Officers

The President will:

⦁        Schedule meetings of the Board once a month. Board meetings will be in person at an agreed-upon time and place
⦁        Preside at all meetings of the Board and general meetings.
⦁        Make interim appointments and appoint committee heads as needed with the approval of the Board
⦁        Have the authority to sign checks and contracts with the knowledge of the Treasurer.
⦁        Schedule and coordinate local tournaments with approval by the Board
⦁        Serve as the primary interface with the state and national disc golf community
⦁        Oversee the annual nomination of Board members

 The Vice President will:

⦁    Perform the duties of an absent President and perform such duties as are assigned to him by the President
⦁     Assist the President with annual Board nominations
⦁    Work with the president in maintaining club relations
⦁    Attend meetings with city/county officials

The Treasurer will:

⦁        Have charge of all funds of the organization
⦁        Maintain the Club’s bank account
⦁        Make an annual financial report to the membership at the year end meeting.
⦁        Provide a report of the club’s finances upon request.
⦁        Have the authority to sign checks with the knowledge of the President
⦁        Coordinate the collection of dues and keep track of paying members
⦁        Present the Club’s annual operating budget that includes estimated annual income and expenditures for the upcoming fiscal year

The Secretary/Public Relations Director will:

⦁        Be responsible for much of the communication of information within the structure of the Club
⦁        Record and disseminate the agenda, minutes, and notes from Club meetings,
⦁        Respond to public inquiries
⦁        Be the primary interface with Town officials
⦁        Develop and maintain appropriate signage and course maps
⦁        Answer appropriate Club email, or forward such communication to the President
⦁        Work closely with the Communications Director/Webmaster in the combined goal of maintaining clear and consistent communication within the Club and in the eyes of the public
⦁        Maintain membership lists and contact information
⦁        Work with the Communication Director/Webmaster on the execution of all GFVDGC  general membership elections

The Tournament/League Director will:

⦁    Organize and maintain leagues within the specified courses by the GFVDGC
⦁    Keep track of all particiants on a weekly basis
⦁    Keep track of all monies paid in and paid out
⦁    Report club earnings to president and deliver earnings to treasurer
⦁    Tournament/League Director may use a another B.O.D. member or trustee to assist in running leagues
⦁    Assist with planning and running GFVDGC tournaments/leaderboards, scorecards, securing prizes, creating artinararies, etc. B.O.D. members and trustees may be enlisted to assist

The Communications Director/Webmaster will:

⦁        Create and maintain the  GFVDGC website
⦁        Provide online tournament information and online tournament registration
⦁        Maintain and grow Club internet presence (website, message board, etc), while ensuring all electronic communication is updated and relevant
⦁        Ensure that up-to-date information about the disc golf courses the GFVDGC may be involved with is disseminated to the various disc-golf-related websites

Leadership Continuity

⦁    To complement the work of the Board of Directors and ensure continuity through leadership changes, the Board is authorized to select and appoint up to three Trustees. Club Trustees are respected club members with a long standing history of club membership, participation, and service to the club. Appointments are for one year, but can be renewed by the Board.

Trustees can:

⦁        Be invited on occasion to meet with or participate with the Board in an advisory, non-voting capacity
⦁        Assist with operations as requested by the Board
⦁        Perform incidental duties as requested by the Board


⦁    These bylaws may be amended or revised by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of all active members who vote at a full membership meeting.


⦁    Should the GFVDGC be dissolved, all material possessions of the organization must be sold and the moneys obtained from the sale along with any balance remaining in the checking account will be divided equally among all active members after all bills have been paid.